As the number of Ram sales in the third quarter of this year exceeded 11,000, it has become increasingly difficult for the Chevrolet Silverado to become the second best-selling truck in the United States.

Auburn Hills sold 156,157 light and heavy pickup trucks in the third quarter. Although this figure has decreased by 3% compared with the third quarter of last year, it is already a very good result for the current economic environment.

As of this year, Ram’s pickup truck sales have reached 402,410, and Chevrolet Silverado’s sales have reached 409,967. Silverado 1500 sales decreased by 9.6%, but Silverado HD sales increased by 9.1%.

If the company wants to maintain its leading position, then the best thing is to increase the sales of Silverado HD.

But from the overall perspective, the competition between the two developers has not had a significant impact on the sales of the entire pickup truck market.

The sales of GMC Sierra and Sierra HD were 67,784. Ford has not announced the third quarter, but it should be stable. In the second quarter, 367,387 trucks were sold.