After the new CEO of Ford took office, he brought a series of new policies. The former chief officer of the developer retired in August this year.

The new chief officer is called Jim Farley, and he intends to focus on affordable cars in the upcoming F-150 and Bronco SUVs.

He feels that Ford urgently needs to reduce costs, improve quality, increase sales, and need to add more budget-friendly vehicles, and they need to be marketed worldwide.

Among the current models of the developer, EcoSport is the cheapest model, priced at less than $20,000. If Jim Farley wants to add budget-friendly vehicles, will the Ford Fiesta return?

At present, the public really want to know whether this carnival will return. The new chief officer explained that in the past three years, the former chief officer has led them very well, allowing them to make great progress and become a very good company. What he should do now is to recharge the company.

The developer has not yet given a detailed introduction to the budget model, but has some goals, such as releasing the most advanced technology and software, increasing the diversity of the company, and doubling the work of producing autonomous vehicles.

Under the leadership of the new leader, it is uncertain what will change. Volkswagen who likes Ford models can pay more attention to the developer’s follow-up actions.