A few months before the 2021 Ford Bronco (Ford Bronco) is sold in the United States, Ford Bronco models have attracted many consumers.

Although the official website keeps releasing the latest information of Ford Bronco, it cannot attract more people’s attention to the sale of Ford Bronco.

A document updated on the Bronco 6G Forum stated that Ford will not charge buyers for the installation of some crossover accessories. It is reported that Ford’s approach is included in its new program “Dealer Installation Option (DIO).”

Buyers use this feature when choosing a configuration for their Ford Bronco, which can better reduce car purchase costs. The installation cost of the dealer can also be bundled into the financing of the vehicle.
However, although the offer may seem attractive, interested buyers should be aware that the DIO program is only applicable at the time of purchase.

Although the official price is very attractive, it is recommended to use the DIO program when buying a car. If the vehicle is delivered, the customer will bear the cost of installation of the accessories, but the wheel is not a part of the jurisdiction of the DIO program.

Consumers are looking forward to the release of Ford Bronco, but Ford has not released a list of its accessories. It is reported that the list will be released on the official website, but the exact release time has not been obtained.