Currently, various auto companies are slowly recovering losses. Although the entire industry is still in a recession, the sales of several car brands have changed significantly.

Kia is one of the companies mentioned above. The developer recovered quickly after the problem was improved. In July this year, Yue Fei, the developer’s sales in the United States reached 52,479 cars, setting a new retail sales record. In this data, Sportage and Telluride SUV provided a big role.

In September of this year, sales reached 55,519 vehicles. This data made the developer the highest retail sales in the third quarter. Among them, the Sportage sold a total of 7,165 units and Tururide sold 8,829 units.

At present, Tururide SUV has set a monthly sales record and has become the fastest steering model in Kia history. In addition, Sportage also created the best sales performance ever in September, and K5 also set a record for the highest monthly sales.

Bill Peffer is the vice president of Kia Motors US sales. He explained that the excellent September sales performance this time is inseparable from the excellent performance of Telluride, Sportage and Selfos. And the developer is about to enter the fourth quarter and will have the strongest model lineup in history. He also believes that the developer will continue this excellent performance.