Judging from the crossover vehicle sales in the United States in recent years, Toyota Camry’s sales have been stable in recent years.

In 2019, the total number of units transferred from dealers was less than in the early years of the car, but it still managed to sell 336,978 units in the United States.

In order to welcome the coming new year, the developer hopes that this model can have more competitive features. To this end, the developer launched the Safety Sense 2.5 kit. This kit is equipped with driver assistance systems, adaptive cruise control and emergency assisted steering. In addition, external updates and more standard equipment are also under development.

It is worth noting that the new Toyota Camry hybrid electric vehicle launched this time is even cheaper than the previous generation, which is $1160 cheaper.

The starting price of the new Camry Hybrid is US$28,265, which includes a destination fee of US$995; the price of the SE interior is US$1,345; the retail price of the XLE interior is US$33,165, which is US$560 cheaper than the previous generation; the top XSE The decoration starts at $33.715.

However, the price of gasoline-powered models will not be reduced, but will increase. The price of the Camry TRD will increase by $1,015.

However, the developer has not announced the official price, and the price of the model will still be changed. What can be known is that the 2021 Camry will start production this month.