The competition between Jeep Wrangler and Ford Mustang has intensified. Due to Ford’s upcoming Blue Oval, which has been updated and added new products, this makes the developer slightly better than the competition.

Recently, Jeep shared its new plan with the outside world, which is actually how to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Wrangler.

In August of this year, the developer revealed that the new Wrangler will be equipped with newly upgraded technology and off-road features, adding a new camera system, TrailCam. This system provides the driver with a better driving experience.

The developer will also add an off-road plus mode to the Wrangler Rubicon, which allows the driver to perform throttle adjustment, gearbox shifting and traction control while driving. The developer will also install two additional USB ports.

But these improvements are far from enough for the Wrangler. If you need to win in the competition, you need more updates.

In terms of interiors, the developer is also equipped with granite crystal interiors and other more popular interiors, as well as special badges, remote start technology and 8.4-inch touch screens.

The developer stated that this model will arrive in August this year. From the photos he provided, it can be seen that the style of the new model is easily reminiscent of the Gladiator 80th Anniversary Edition. The two-door version starts at $37,485 and the four-door version starts at $40,895.