Buick announced to stop the production of Regal Sportback and regal tourx in order to make the two models of Regal Sportback and regal tourx become the full SUV brands starting from 2021 model year.

In December, representatives of employees at General Motors confirmed for the first time plans to transform Buick, and said this was the last year for Regal models in the United States and Canada.

Another representative also confirmed that the Regal Sportback and regal tour X were discontinued in Russelsheim, Germany, but that there was sufficient stock of five door hatchbacks and convertibles for the rest of the year.

Although the sixth generation of emgrand may be well received by buyers, there are many reasons why it withdrew from the market.

Buick was not popular few years before 2005,and the Sales of it is 40000 vehicles in 2011 which the sales peaked. but sales dropped to 10 thousand last year before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the automotive industry

PSA Groupe in France is mainly responsible for the production of Regal in North America. PSA Groupe in France is known for its acquisition of GM’s Opel brand. Because of the low sales volume, higher cost and lower cost performance ratio of General Motors in Germany, the nameplates are produced in Germany.

As Regal left Buick, the automaker turned its attention to what might be a new crossover for the public. This is the inevitable result of brand and industry changes, especially in the United States, passenger cars and cars are slowly being forgotten by the public. In the past few years, sedan SUVs such as Encore and enclave were more popular with the public.

Although Regal stops production in the United States, it will continue to produce in China, because since Regal was produced in China, it has been widely welcomed by the Chinese people.