Volvo claims that their upcoming new fully-electric flagship SUV will have industry-leading safety technology standards, as Volvo has become the benchmark of the automobile industry.The fully-electric successor of Volvo XC90, to be unveiled in 2022, will be equipped with the most advanced sensors,Including lidar technology developed by luminar and automatic driving computer supported by NVIDIA drive Orin system chip as the standard.

By combining this most advanced hardware with Volvo, zenseact and luminar software, create a complete new generation of collision avoidance Technology, Volvo’s goal is to reduce the casualties and the probability of accidents as a whole through the safety package.In addition to the sensor suite and artificial intelligence computing performance, Volvo’s upcoming flagship will also be equipped with backup systems for key functions such as steering and braking, making its hardware ready for safety.

Once unsupervised autonomous driving is available. These backup systems, together with lidar, computers and software, will implement highway navigation functions and will be jointly developed with Volvo Cars’ autonomous driving software development company Zenseact.As an autonomous driving function used on highways, an optional highway pilot will be activated for customers when safety is verified and individual geographic locations and conditions are permitted by law.