Us axle manufacturing company (AAM) claimed that its tracrite differential portfolio is dedicated to improving comfort and battery performance electric vehicles, including pickups and SUVs.
AAM’s leading technology also provides functions that can improve the performance of electric vehicles and improve the passenger experience in this growing automotive segment.Since many electric vehicles use a single motor to drive two wheels on the axle, AAM’s tracete differential effectively distributes the power generated by the electric motor to the left and right wheels.

AAM’s long history and expertise in reducing driveline noise, vibration and ride comfort enable AAM to design and manufacture differentials to keep the quiet characteristics of electric car by producing slight noise.In addition, AAM’s history proves that the robust gear and differential design optimizes the reverse torque transfer from the road to the motor during braking.
It helps to increase vehicle range by charging the battery while the vehicle is moving on the road.AAM’s Tracrite differential series offers a wide range of options, including Tracrite open, Tracrite PC disc clutch, Tracrite GT gear train, Tracrite EL open + electric lock cabinet, Tracrite al automatic lock cabinet, Tracrite GTL gear train lock cabinet and Tracrite els electronic limited slip.