Electric last mile (elms) claimed that it plans to demonstrate the working prototype of its all electric class 3 medium truck urban utility and start accepting orders at route consultant contractor Expo from July 30 to 31.
The annual Expo, held in Nashville, Tennessee, is the largest independent meeting of FedEx Ground contractors, estimated to be 250 miles off loading, capable of supporting variable container length and about 5700 pounds of expected payloads.


Class 3 urban utility is expected to be the second electric vehicle in elms’s last mile product portfolio.Elms will test drive its class 3 urban utility and all electric class 1 urban delivery commercial trucks, which are expected to start production in the United States later in 2021.The urban utility may be put into operation in the second half of 2022, starting in the second year.
In december2020, elms announced a final merger agreement with forum merge III Corporation, which will hold a general meeting on June 24, 2021 to approve the transaction. Elms is headquartered in Troy, Michigan.