Recently, Ford developers confirmed that they are considering developing a new model, which may be longer than the original model, and may be an extended version of the ST.

According to the latest report provided by Ford, the new escape route under development will probably have three rows of seats and can accommodate up to 7 people.

The new model will adopt the same device as the Escape, C2 platform. The name of the new model is now CX430, but it may be changed when it is officially launched. In order to adapt to the longer wheelbase, developers may also change the roof style.

The new model will also add a row of seats to form three rows of seats, but there may not be other major changes elsewhere.
New models will give customers more choices, they can choose plug-in or hybrid variants. The three-row style will also be unveiled in Europe.

The three-row seat design is also Ford’s arrangement for Volkswagen Tiguan.
Although Volkswagen does not know the true width of the seat so far, referring to the previous model, the seat of the new model will not be too narrow.

Some customers who want to buy do not have to worry about space. The third row of seats can be folded down to increase the rear space.
The new model will be launched in 2022.