Hyundai will make a full debut in Tucson 2022 through its official website on September 14. More information is expected to be displayed at that time.

This month, Hyundai released a trailer for the new Tucson. In the trailer, Hyundai Motor shows the exterior design and interior features of the new Tucson.

It’s easy to see that Hyundai’s upcoming compact crossover is similar in design to the Hyundai vision t concept car on display in Los Angeles in 2019. The trailer clearly shows the changes in the appearance of the new Tucson. The design of the new Tucson grille is the same as that of vision T. the lamp adopts seamless design and becomes a “parametric hidden lamp”. The tail lamp adopts a long line design and spans the whole rear of the vehicle, which is slightly different from the design of vision t tail light. The interior design is more eye-catching is the central control screen and vent. Hyundai didn’t announce the size of the new Tucson, but officials said it would be bigger and wider than the old Tucson.

Hyundai will provide long wheelbase and short wheelbase configurations to the world, but only long wheelbase will enter the U.S. market. Hyundai Motor has released the details of new Tucson on its official website on September 14.