Recently, Chrysler has urgently recalled more than 160,000 vehicles, mainly the 2019-2020 Ram1500. The reason for this recall is that the cushion under the cab will cause problems with the accelerator and pedal.

The company explained that the cushions are adjustable, so the cushions are likely to interfere with the pedals, which may cause problems when pedaling at the station.

This time the company will recall, mainly because it received complaints from customers, who responded to the company that the cushion interfered with their pedaling. It’s just the reason the company released it.

The company defended itself and said that it is not clear that this part will cause an accident, but it can be guaranteed that there will not be many vehicles with this problem, and everyone can use it with confidence.

In addition to the recall of cars with this problem, those who bought the mat separately are also in this recall.

In order to solve this problem and appease customers, the company proposed a method. Convenient customers can directly modify the mats directly by the local dealers. Inconvenient customers can modify the mats by themselves.

FCA is not the first company to recall cars due to mats. Toyota also recalled 3.8 million vehicles due to mats.