Mazda recently launched a new model, but this new model is very similar to the previous model.

The new car launched this time has many reservations and many changes. This new car retains the previous naturally aspirated 2.5-liter engine, but adds a new engine, which results in an engine plus engine that can provide 320 horsepower.

It also comes with a transmission. But so far, the company has not revealed the two details previously announced, one is four-wheel drive and the other is a diesel engine.

Compared with other new models, Mazda’s new model does not update the entertainment system, but uses CarPlay and Android Auto, but customers who choose more advanced interiors cannot enjoy this facility.

Compared to the more colorful version previously launched, this version uses a black appearance and also provides a new engine.

The minimum price of this new car is $30,970. The entry-level sports interior starts at $25,720, and the turbocharged model starts at $30,970.

The company said that the new model will arrive in the United States in September.