Recently, driverless driving has become popular with the public. If the vehicle can park by itself, what will happen?

This is the technology that Ford is looking for and developing.

According to the Ford developer, they are currently working with Bosch and Bedrock to jointly develop automatic parking technology. Currently, this technology is being tested in a garage close to the Ford Transportation Innovation District.

This technology makes many people happy, because he solved the problem of parking difficulties. Many people like to drive, but parking is difficult, especially in a place with a small parking space. With this technology, parking is not a big problem.

If you need to apply this technology, you need to download an APP to operate car parking through the APP.

Many people are worried that the technology is immature or unsafe, but Ford explained that the parking operation will stop when an obstacle is sensed in the front.

This technology can not only help people park, but also help people find vehicles.

The demonstration of this technology will continue until September.