Ford’s new model, the Bronco, launched by Ford developers this summer, has given the public a lot of attention. Many people are interested in this new car and want to buy it. This new car will be launched next year, and the company has provided customers with many choices in order to make this car’s sales better.

So far, the various package prices of this model have not been announced, which has caused the public to speculate on its prices.

However, recently, the developer is investigating Volkswagen’s price expectations for this car, possibly to investigate which package the Volkswagen prefers. The developer released this questionnaire, which allowed the public to predict the price of this model.

However, these are unofficial, and the official price list is not disclosed. The developer will provide a price list soon.

According to the above questionnaire, if customers choose the Sasquatch software package, they need to pay an additional US$4,000 to US$5,000. If you choose a 10-speed automatic transmission, you may have to pay an additional $1,600, because this type of transmission is more expensive.

So far, these price forecasts are unofficial, and all accurate news has to be announced by the developer.