A recent report stated that Tesla is producing a short-range interactive motion sensing device, which is a device that can detect forgotten children in the car, but so far, this device has not passed Federal Communications Commission’s approval.

Recently, there was a report that Tesla invented a sensing device that can help the public detect whether there are children in the car.

At present, this company is still developing this equipment. To make this equipment more accurate and effective, the company uses millimeter wave sensors. But this sensor is not allowed.

This device will use seven antennas, four antennas are used to transmit signals, and the other three are used to receive signals.

According to Tesla’s report, the reason for using this sensor is to better detect children, even if the child is blocked in the car, it can be detected well.

Not only that, this device can clearly distinguish between children and adults, and can also detect the heart rate and breathing of children in the car, which are not possible with ordinary cameras.

Although the equipment has been developed, it is unclear whether it will be put into use.

According to a report released by the country, in the past two years, a total of 50 children died, 54% of which were left to death in the car and eventually died of heat.