Toyota recently announced a news, which makes customers who like this model feel sad, the news is that Toyota will no longer provide TRD kits for Corolla. Although Corolla is no longer equipped with a TRD package, it will be equipped with another package, Apex Edition Sport Package.

But not all Corollas are equipped with this kit, which is only for SE or XSE interiors, so customers who want this kit need to purchase one of the SE or XSE interiors.

The new package also has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which can provide 169 horsepower. This kit will also be paired with a sports exhaust.

However, the developer stated that only 6,000 Apex Corolla Editions will be produced this time, of which only 120 Editions will be equipped with SE manual transmissions.

In addition to these changes, his appearance will also be changed, with a smoother appearance, copper decorations, etc., to make this model look more popular.

After these changes, the driver will have a better driving experience and reduce the chance of a vehicle rollover.

The new models will be on sale from September to October this year, but the price is still unclear. The estimated price is between US$23,230 and US$26,680.