Jeep 2021 Gladiator uses a more horsepower engine, this engine can provide 260 horsepower and 442 torque. This is a diesel engine, which gives customers who buy this model more choices.

Jeep uses a 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel V6 engine in the three interiors of Sport, Overland and Rubicon. This change makes the off-road function of this Gladiator model more powerful.

The developer also promised to use this engine in this Gladiator model. This makes many customers who like this model feel very happy.

This model of Ram EcoDiesel also chose to replace the same engine, the new engine provides more horsepower than before.

This engine will also be matched with the 8 automatic transmission, which is a plan specially prepared by Jeep for vulgar off-road.

But so far, the detailed data of this model has not been announced, but it can be seen from the data using the same Wrangler that the new model can travel at least 75 to 100 miles more.

At present, EcoDiesel can start pre-ordering. Customers who like it can book on the official website and start selling in this fall.