After the Chevrolet withdrawal incident, the manufacturer’s reputation among the public has become very good, so that many people choose to believe this brand, and they will be the first to consider this brand when buying a car. However, this has also created a problem for the manufacturer, too many customers have no way to buy.

GM analyzed the Blazer’s inventory and found that because of the popularity of the model, his stock was far from enough. According to the normal situation, there should be 60 days of safety stock, but because this model is very popular, now only 28 days of safety stock. Now there is a shortage of supply.

There is also a reason for this situation, that is, due to the epidemic situation, production has been suspended for two months.

According to the latest data, sales of Blazer are on a big upward trend, up 183% from last year. Sales of this model have increased significantly not only in the United States but also in Canada.

However, this has caused a problem. Many customers can no longer buy this model. In order to solve this problem, GM has asked the factory to increase production. However, it will take some time to solve this problem.

In fact, there is a better solution, which is to produce in the Spring Hill factory.

At present, the situation of insufficient inventory has not been solved, and the follow-up situation remains to be observed.