At present, there is news that dodge caravan will stop production. It has been 30 years since the caravan was sold and now stopped production. After Dodge’s caravan was discontinued, it was the journey crossover that replaced him.

Earlier this year, dodge announced that this was the last order for a caravan, and you can book it with us by March. However, due to novel coronavirus, the scheduled time for completion was postponed to May this year.

Recently, the developer confirmed that it would launch the charger SRT hellcat redeye and Durango hellcat models, and the caravan was about to withdraw.

Recently, the laws and regulations have been changed and the emission rules have been re stipulated. This change makes many models fail to meet the standard, so many models that fail to meet the standard can only be withdrawn from the market. In order to make up for the withdrawal of these models, many companies focus on developing more environmentally friendly models.

As the caravan has not been changed, this model has long had the intention of withdrawing. Now the caravan is the fifth generation.

The person in charge of FCA said that the reason why it has not stopped production for so many years is that the developer has not stopped production because of the strong sales.

Due to the withdrawal of these two models, Dodge will focus on other vehicles, such as Durango SUV. However, it is not clear whether the sales of these models are good.