Kia has developed a new Telluride program to produce 60, 000 cars a year. But the three-row SUV is still not big enough to meet demand.
For that reason, customers who bought this model will have to wait a while before they can get their hands on it.

The developer has been in the spotlight for some time because it did not provide financing to customers who might be affected by the outbreak.

The price of the new models has risen because the developer is unable to produce enough new models now, leaving the market in short supply, so raising prices may help the developer keep production levels low.

According to one report, only 700 Telluride units were purchased for production, a figure that stands in stark contrast to other models on sale.

In order to change this situation, the developer is also thinking of solutions. In the report submitted last year, it can be seen that there is only one manufacturing plant for this model, and this factory also needs to produce other models.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the factory was closed for two months. Although it has been reopened, its production speed is still not high. Another reason is that the production of this model is slow and spare parts are missing.

One couple bought the model nine months ago, but had to wait five to six months. When it was time to deliver, the developer told them they would have to wait another five months.

Telluride is out of stock and it will take a year to buy this policy.