Less than a week after the official release of the Ford Bronco, Ford sent out some pictures that attracted a lot of customers.

After showing consumers the front grille of the SUV a few weeks ago, Ford took to Instagram to show off the back end of the SUV, which is expected to have prominent taillights and giant spare tires.

In the photo, the Mustang SUV is seen driving on the beach, prompting some to speculate whether Ford has given the SUV a better beach-driving capability.

But it turns out that these images were actually created by a computer based on Brouco’s actual driving images. Luckily for Ford, it won’t be too long before the model SUV is released.

There has been no word on whether Ford will equip SUVs with off-road tires, and it is hard to speculate on the possibility, only to confirm after the official launch

The new Ford Brouco will go on sale next year for $32,495.