Recently, a study reported that many accidents could be avoided if all cars had safety technology.

Currently, there are three types of security technology, but if you want to own any of them, you need to buy an expensive interior, so few people will choose an expensive decoration with security technology.

Safety technology currently includes such features as automatic emergency braking, blind zone warning and lane departure warning. According to the report, 11,000 people in the United States could have avoided death in traffic accidents if vehicles had used safety technology.

Not all security technologies are in expensive finishes, the report said. Some developers have installed security technology in entry-level interiors, but not all. One reason for this is that the dollar now explicitly dictates that manufacturers use it as a specific command for standard functionality rather than as an optional component.

Other studies have shown that customers spend an average of $2,000 to install automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection and blind-spot warnings on their cars.

Many high-end vehicles have pedestrian detection systems that could reduce the number of deaths from car accidents by 800 each year in the United States.

Safety technology can not only prevent traffic accidents, but also prevent drunk driving and car to car conversation. But it will be a long time before this technology becomes available in every car.