Ford will soon unveil three off-road suits in a bid to get more customers to choose and buy.

The new off-road kit will be installed by dealers and will have off-road suspension, Fox shock absorbers, 17-inch wheels and Performance decals.

The FX4 off-road kit features an off-road FX4 suspension, better and safer tires for field driving, a locked rear differential, skid plate and towing coupler. All three kits are designed to increase the fun and safety of driving off-road.

Level 1 suite before installation price is $2495, the price is include all standard accessories, Level 2 suite in the case of not installed at $4495, also added more parts: 265/70 BFGoodrich K02 off-road tires, cross-country lighting suite, stainless steel plate, etc. This suite also provide another engine calibration function, can provide 315 horsepower and 370 lb – ft of torque.

The level 3 kit includes level 1 and 2 kits, in addition to a chase rack, sports exhaust system and other advanced facilities. The kit costs $8,995 before installation.