Chevy will be discontinued in Colorado.

A month after announcing the end of the four-cylinder Frontier, the developer again announced the end of production in Colorado. The Chevrolet Colorado is the cheapest new pickup to date, at $24,000.

The Ranger costs $24,410, but because of its high shipping costs, it starts at more than $25,000. Currently, the price in Colorado is roughly $26,395, which includes shipping.

The developer is already working on new models to keep the car in the market. In addition to eliminating entry-level models, the new changes also redesigned the car’s grille and tailgate.

The developer is expected to build the model at the GM plant in Wentzville,Mo。

Many auto markets have suffered significant economic losses as a result of the outbreak, but the midsize pickup market has not suffered the same, thanks to the huge incentives manufacturers offer customers. It is unclear how sales will fare in the second half of the year, but some remain optimistic.