Due to the missing parts, Hyundai decided to discontinue the production of the Palisade SUV, and the components of the Genesis GV80 were also tentatively scheduled.

According to a report by Just Auto, Hyundai stopped the production of three-row SUVs on June 15 due to supply chain problems. This was caused by the death of an employee of the supplier due to the new crown.

For this reason, the developer’s Palisade and Genesis GV80 were forced to stop. Originally, GV80 would be available from July to August, but it has to be postponed.

At present, a representative of the developer has confirmed the discontinuation of production, all he promised will not be against the American version of Palisade. However, the developer refused to comment on this matter.

At present, all industries in the United States have reopened, but it will still cause a certain impact in the automotive industry.

Officially, there are already 10,000 pre-orders for the SUV. It also shows that this model will be unveiled.