Between 2014 and 2017, Ford recalled 292,311 F-150 pickups in the U.S. and 50,000 f-150 pickups in Canada and Mexico. This was after the developer found a brake fluid leak in the model.

In the case of a problem, brake fluid could leak from the front wheel of the brake master cylinder into the brake booster, which would reduce the vehicle’s braking function and increase the chance of an accident, the developer said.

So far, there have been seven accidents and two injuries caused by this cause. However, the developer said the incidents were all low speed accidents and that only f-150 trucks with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine were affected.

To address the problem, the developer has shown that affected owners can take their affected vehicles to dealers for professional repair or replacement.

When brake fluid leaks, the car alerts the driver, beeps, and the brake warning on the dashboard lights up. Although the brake fluid will cause the braking ability of the front wheel to decline, the braking ability of the rear wheel will not have problems, but it will lead to longer braking distance, which will lead to the increase of accident probability.

The developer has not yet announced the exact date of the recall, and further information will be posted on the NHTSA’s website.