The Subaru has announced that a new engine will be added to the Crosstrek.

The Crostrek USES a 2.5-liter four-cylinder flat-angle four-cylinder engine, which provides 182 horsepower for the vehicle. But compared to other vehicles, the engine has expired.

The new engine will have two types of interior, a top-of-the-line limited edition finish and a sporty finish. In addition to the new engine, there will also be new off-road features. In addition to the first time, Crosstrek Sport also updated the interior decoration, with a unique interior.

The sport interior will add a dual-function X-mode and will have a stepless gearbox; The entry-level and advanced interiors will have a six-speed manual transmission, or a stepless transmission if you don’t like it.

With a stepless gearbox, the Crosstrek will also have a new feature: driver assistance, lane center and adaptive cruise control. Car owners who buy a limited edition interior can enjoy reverse automatic emergency braking and cross traffic alarms.

No official price has been announced for the new model, but it should be the same as before. The model will arrive at dealers in the summer of 2020.