Although the current epidemic in the United States is very serious, but still can not stop their love for pickup trucks.

Because of the outbreak, several states have announced tentative operations in various industries.

The research institute said this would lead to huge losses in the US market. Passenger car sales were reported to have fallen sharply between March and April, falling 48.6% in March and 36.6% in April.

While sales of passenger cars and SUVs fell, pickup trucks didn’t have much of an impact, falling 18.7 percent. In April pickup trucks outsold cars for the first time. Toyota’s Tacoma sales rose 8.6% from a year earlier

Pickup sales were still falling in the year to May, but many developers are looking for a solution.

Another reason may be that the states with the right Numbers have not stopped production, so the impact on pickup sales is less.

In the days that followed, many developers gradually resumed production, though it was unclear how car sales would be spent in the months ahead.