Nissan recently issued an emergency recall of 1.9 million Altima vehicles. The recall was caused by a problem with the open engine hood.

The recall is the fourth of three recalls by the developer, according to a statement. The recall is due to a problem with the hood latch, which can cause the hood to open while the vehicle is moving, posing a hazard to the vehicle.

Documents from the recall have been made public, and the developer confirmed the incident in a publishing house publication.

Some of the vehicles that preceded this recall are likely to be recalled again, covering the 2013-2015 Altima and 2016-2018.

The problem with the hood latch was that over time, the top layer of coating lost, and the internal metal was exposed to the air, causing it to rust, keeping the main latch open. When it remains open, the auxiliary latch also fails to work properly, causing the hood to pop out while the vehicle is in motion.

For the reason of recalling the previous vehicles, although the problem has been solved, regular maintenance is required to prevent the problem from occurring again. The developer recommends that customers regularly check and repair auxiliary hood latches.

To address the problem, the developer is installing new hood latches on affected vehicles.