In non-Porsche 911 or Chevrolet Corvette, the application of a seven-speed manual transmission is somewhat far-fetched. However, there have been rumors recently that the seven-speed manual transmission will be used on the new Ford Bronco.

According to recently released reports, the upcoming new models will use a seven-speed manual transmission. This gearbox is a gearbox with “crawler-type” gears, which is specially designed for cars driving on rugged roads.

The new model uses this gearbox, giving this model a good off-road capability. The good off-road capability of this model is due to the newly designed crawler device. If additional accessories are added on this basis, the off-road capability of this model will be even better.

It is rumored that this gearbox is not the first time it has been applied, it has been applied as early as 2018.

But so far, Ford has not confirmed this news. So it remains to be seen whether the new Bronco will use a 7-speed manual transmission.

The new Ford models will be unveiled before the end of this year.