Recently, a patent application shows that Ford is developing a new function, which will be put into a new generation of electric F-150 pickup. This new feature may help extend the range of the vehicle to a range that the battery can’t provide.

This new feature is unprecedented. But if this function is put on the new generation of electric F-150 pickup, it is not impossible, because this model is popular with the public.

According to the latest report, blue oval has submitted a patent application to the US patent and Trademark Office. From the report, we can see that the electric F-150 will be launched soon.

In the current market, most electric vehicles rely on batteries to expand their range, but according to the report submitted by Ford, the developer is looking for a range extender that can increase the vehicle’s range, which can provide more juice to the battery like a generator until the vehicle is plugged into a charger.

The range extender is more like a toolbox, which contains the engine, exhaust system, fuel tank and all the related electronic equipment. The developer will also offer customers many options, with larger or smaller packages, which can offer vehicles an extra 50 miles, 100 miles or more.

But the report did not reveal the engine that powered the range extender. How the developer will deal with it is unclear to him.

When asked about the extender, the developer declined to comment on it. The developer explained that this is just a normal business process and does not always translate into actual products.

For now, interested buyers can only wait for news, but can focus on the upcoming 2021 Bronco SUV and the next generation regular F-150.