Everyone who likes off-roading understands one thing, that is, the longer you get up and drive, the dirtier you will get. All drivers understand this, but they all hope that their off-road vehicles can be easier to clean.

In order to meet the needs of customers, Ford developers announced that Bronco will add a new feature in 2021. This new feature is the sewage plug.

When the developer announced that it would add removable roofs and doors to the upcoming new models, many customers had already anticipated a bad situation. The bad situation was that the interior of the car would become unclean. , But fortunately, the developer has anticipated this situation, so it prepared 10 drain plugs.

The developer also stated that out of the ten drain plugs, four drain plugs are active, while the other six are passive. This operation is beneficial for many people who forget to remove the active plug in the car wash money.

In addition, the developer has also prepared marine-grade vinyl-trimmed seats and rubber floors for the Black Diamond and Badlands Bronco interiors, which makes the interior easier to clean.

At present, the developer is actively pre-production of new models, and the official production may not be until March or April. More than 165,000 new SUVs are scheduled. Excessive bookings may result in some orders not being completed until 2022.