Generally speaking, when a new model appears, its price will be higher than that of the previous version. It is rare for a new model to have new features and the price will be lower than the previous version.

Recently, Honda announced the prices of new models. The upcoming hybrid models start at $28,265, which includes a mandatory destination fee of $995. The price of this model is 1,160 dollars cheaper than the previous generation.

The price of the SE interior is $29780, which is $1345 cheaper than the previous price; the price of the XLE interior is $33,165, which is $560 cheaper than the previous price.

In addition to lower prices of hybrid models, interested customers also hope that the developer can update some technologies. Especially Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 Plus.

This system is a driver assistance system with a forward collision warning, which recognizes pedestrians during the day and in the dark; it can detect traffic conditions when turning left and avoid accidents. In the new version, there is also a rear seat reminder function.

But it should be noted that the price reduction is only for hybrid models, gasoline-powered models, the price will rise, but the entry-level Camry L Ren is $25,965.

The price of the Camry TRD is 33,180 U.S. dollars, the non-TRD inline four-wheel drive model is priced at 31,415 U.S. dollars, and the price of all-wheel drive requires an additional $1,400.

The developer is scheduled to start production of the new model this fall.