Since Honda determined the launch date of the new model, it has been hiding from this model. It wasn’t until someone discovered the patented pictures of this model on the forum and shared with others that this model was exposed.

As can be seen from the photos, the new model launched here is very similar to the previous model, and some adjustments have been made to the parts. The lines are softer, the creases and corners are reduced, and the slope of the greenhouse and hatches remain almost unchanged.

Before the photo was leaked, Volkswagen’s impression of this model was revealed at the beginning of the year. Previously the developer confirmed that the new Civic will launch sedan, hatchback, Si and Type R variants. Experts believe that the developer may provide the R-type Civic hatchback, while the Si will be provided as a sedan.

The new model will be launched in March and April next year, and more details will be unveiled before then.