Since 2020, Honda Civic had a car accident in Arizona, where Takata was recalled due to the car accident.

Many details about the car accident have not been made public, but according to relevant reports, it can be known that the airbag of this car may explode in the crash and hurt customers.

According to the NHTSA report, 50% of Alpha cars’ airbags have the possibility of failure. Since 2003, a large number of Takata airbags have been recalled, with a total of 56 million. This recall is the largest recall in the United States since.

From a global perspective, a total of 26 deaths were related to bad airbag inflators, most of which were Honda models. In June 2018, a car accident in Arizona also claimed lives.

After a car accident in Arizona in August this year, the developer reached a settlement with 46 states in the United States and agreed to pay $85 million in compensation. Judging from the results of the survey, the developer knew this issue early.

There have been many lawsuits on this issue. The developer is currently working hard to recall these problematic vehicles for inspection and replacement. However, many cars are still affected by this problem and have not been resolved.