When all four wheels are on the ground and the transmission is set to neutral, this is called Pinto. This is not an ideal choice for all vehicles. But it’s very common.

In most cases, when both axles are on the ground and the wheels are turning, the vehicle is pulled, and generally speaking, the wheels will also rotate the axle shaft, which will cause damage to the parts regardless of the gearbox the vehicle is equipped with.

But on Ford’s new Bronco sport, that will change.

According to a report, the developer will not provide Pinto on new models.

However, such an approach has not attracted more customers. So what can attract customers?

In order to solve the problem that car owners like flat top but lead to accelerated damage of parts, the developer will provide an after-sales auxiliary pump to ensure continuous lubrication when the engine is not running. The addition of this part may reduce the acceleration damage of the part.

However, this may lead to the failure of the warranty for developers, so customers who like this model need to consider it carefully.

The developer said it would pay more attention to customers’ needs.