Recently, Volkswagen has fallen into a dilemma due to its own mistakes. The mistake was due to the developer posting racist ads on the Instagram page.

The ad that put the developer in trouble was to promote the Golf 8 model. In the ad, a white hand pushed a black man away from a parked car. And pushed the man to the restaurant of Petit Colon.

Soon after this advertisement was released, it attracted the attention of many people, especially those who hyped the brand because of racism. After that, the developer deleted the ad and apologized to the public.

Jürgen Stackmann is the head of sales and marketing for the company, and Elke Heitmüller is the head of the diversified group. They felt sorry for this mistake and apologized to the public. They referred to this video as an advertisement that insulted every decent person; they were ashamed of this matter and couldn’t explain to the outside world how it was born, and they will deal with it openly and fairly.

Volkswagen was founded in 1937, during the Nazi regime, they used the slaves of concentration camps to make vehicles. Since then, the developer has been a relatively well-known car developer.