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What’ Lift Support? The Lift Support is what can help you to open the door, trunk or other works for up and down.The operating of gas-charged lift support is to create energy by compressing gas in a cylinder,the lift support can storage the energy.
Generally we suggest to exchange the lift support every 5 years, but if you find that your lift support is not good when using, you can exchange even your part is not used of 5 years.
The cost to exchange the lift support is about 50usd to 250usd. So you need to confirm your detail of your car ,then ......Lean more about

OEM:51231906286 – Product Name:Lift Support – for BMW – Replacement cost

OEM more : 11811906286 , 51231906286 ,


BMW318I1984 – 1992
BMW318IS1991 – 1992
BMW3251986 – 1988
BMW325E1984 – 1987
BMW325ES1986 – 1987
BMW325I1987 – 1993
BMW325IS1987 – 1991
BMW325IX1988 – 1991
BMWM31988 – 1991