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Windshield washer pump
The cleaning of the windshield mainly relies on the water spray of the washer pump, combined with the use of the wiper.As the source of the water column, the washer pump plays a very important role. Why it is important to replace the bad windshield washer pump
In the process of driving a vehicle, a good view is the primary factor to ensure driving safety. Therefore, the cleaning of the windshield is very important. During the driving process of the vehicle, if there are objects such as mud, sand, dust, etc. that block the view, scattered on the windshield, using a clean water pump to spray water for cleaning will be the fastest and safest method. How ......Lean more about

OEM:985102S000 – Product Name:Windshield Washer Pump – for Chevrolet – Replacement cost

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ChevroletCAPRICE2011 – 2016
ChevroletSPARK2013 – 2016
ChevroletSPARK CLASSIC2016
ChevroletSPARK EV2014 – 2016
ChevroletSS2014 – 2016
HyundaiAZERA2006 – 2017
HyundaiELANTRA2007 – 2015
HyundaiGenesis2015 – 2016
HyundaiGenesis COUPE2010 – 2016
HyundaiSONATA2010 – 2015
HyundaiTIBURON2005 – 2008
HyundaiTUCSON2005 – 2015
HyundaiVELOSTER2012 – 2015
KiaCADENZA2014 – 2016
KiaK9002015 – 2017
KiaOPTIMA2011 – 2015
KiaSPORTAGE2011 – 2016
PontiacG82008 – 2009