What is an ?

1.The ignition coil is a transformer that converts the low voltage power from the battery into the high voltage power required to activate the spark plug.
2.It consists of copper or brass coils, terminals and iron cores.
3.The types of ignition coils are different, including can type, coil on plug, coil group and ignition block.
4.Ignition coil failure can cause engine backfire, misfire and other engine problems.
5.It costs about $16 to $2300.
6.If you have the right tools and expertise, you can install and replace the ignition coil yourself.
Before you can drive the car, you must use the key to turn the ignition clockwise to start the engine. In order for the current to reach ......Lean more about

OEM:CM11108C – Product Name:Ignition Coil – for Honda – Replacement cost

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HondaCIVIC2003 – 2011