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Every liquid entering your vehicle must be free from pollution, otherwise it may affect your riding operation. In the engine, there is an oil filter to make the engine run smoothly. The oil filter has a cover that serves as a protective seal for the oil and filter. Therefore, you must always maintain your oil filter cover. But if it starts to deteriorate, it’s best to replace it immediately. You don’t have to worry because you can complete the replacement process yourself. These tools and programs will certainly help you: Difficulty level: medium What you need:
Floor jack and Jack stand
Drain pan
Adjustable wrench
Fresh oil
New oil filter cover Step 1: before starting the replacement process, make sure ......Lean more about

OEM:1562037010 – Product Name:Oil Filter Cover – for Lexus – Replacement cost

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LexusCT200H2011 – 2017
LexusES3002000 – 2003
LexusES3302004 – 2006
PontiacVIBE2009 – 2010
ScionXD2008 – 2014
ToyotaCOROLLA2009 – 2015
ToyotaCOROLLA IM2017 – 2018
ToyotaMATRIX2009 – 2014
ToyotaPRIUS2010 – 2019
ToyotaPRIUS PLUG-IN2014 – 2015
ToyotaPRIUS V2012 – 2018