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The window lifter is a mechanical component responsible for moving the window up and down. It is also a mechanism to hold the window glass in place.
Replacing the window regulator allows you to control the condition of the cabin and improve the safety of the vehicle.
Window regulator maintenance usually involves replacing the entire unit. This part has almost never been adjusted or maintained.
When it comes to cabin comfort, people usually think of luxury seats, fully functional HVAC system, user-friendly information and entertainment system, etc. But perhaps one of the more important parts that plays a crucial role in passenger comfort is an operating window. Due to the window regulator, your window can move up and ......Lean more about

OEM:1J4837462F – Product Name:Window Regulator – for Volkswagen – Replacement cost

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VolkswagenGOLF1999 – 2005
VolkswagenJETTA1999 – 2005