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 Jack up your vehicle with a reliable floor jack and a pair or set of Jack brackets. The wheel bearing housing is also important to prevent the vehicle from moving. Another important component to improve the safety of lifting is the jack pad.
Jack pad, also known as Jack saddle pad or jack pad, is a rubber or plastic pad placed between floor jack or Jack bracket and vehicle jack point.
Although some people don’t think a jack is needed to lift a car, there are several important benefits to using a jack.
The benefits of the jack pad include proper force distribution, chassis paint protection, and greater stability when jacking up the vehicle.
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OEM:51717189259 – Product Name:Jack Pad – for BMW – Replacement cost

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BMWX32011 – 2016
BMWX42015 – 2016
BMWX52007 – 2016
BMWX62008 – 2016