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Parking Assist sensor buyer’s Guide
The parking assist sensor or proximity sensor is a device that helps with easy, safe and efficient parking. The sensor measures the distance between the vehicle and an object or obstacle. The parking aid sensor will make a sound or display an image on the dashboard to let the driver know the distance between the vehicle and the object.
There are two main types of Parking Assist sensors: ultrasonic and electromagnetic. These two types of sensors have similar functions, but their mechanisms may be different.
The main function of the front-end Parking Assist sensor and the rear-end sensor is to alert the driver to obstacles that may hinder parking. It reduces your ......Lean more about

OEM:8934148010E1 – Product Name:Parking Aid Sensor – for Lexus – Replacement cost

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LexusGX4602010 – 2013
LexusRX3502010 – 2012
LexusRX450H2010 – 2012
ToyotaSIENNA2011 – 2016