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How to clean the oil separator of automobile
The air/oil separator is located under the hood and allows light oil mist to enter and exit the crankcase. The first sign you will notice when the component does not work effectively is smoke. If you do not want that embarrassing smoke to continue to leak out of the exhaust pipe, replace the defective oil separator immediately. Difficulty level: medium What you will need:
Rubber gloves
Electrical contact cleaner or brake cleaner
5-gallon Bucket
Lint-Free cloth Step 1: cover your work area with newspaper to prevent oil or solvent from spilling over the surface. Put on rubber gloves.
Step 2: take out the oil separator from the car and put it ......Lean more about

OEM:6H100031S – Product Name:Oil Separator – for Audi – Replacement cost

OEM more : 06H103495AE , 06H103495J ,


AudiA42009 – 2016
AudiA52010 – 2017
AudiA62012 – 2016
AudiALLROAD2013 – 2016
AudiQ32015 – 2016
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