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A rotating electrical connector called the airbag clock spring keeps the airbag and control buttons on the steering wheel connected to the car’s electrical system, regardless of the position of the wheels.
The airbag clock spring may wear before the designed service life. The airbag connector may melt and fuse with the steering wheel cylinder, or the clock spring itself may suffer metal fatigue.
If there is a problem with the clock spring, the airbag warning light is expected to come on, one or more control buttons on the steering wheel refuse to work, or the steering wheel becomes more difficult to turn.
Removing the old air bag spring and installing a new one requires at least ......Lean more about

OEM:8430660080 – Product Name:Air Bag Clockspring – for Lexus – Replacement cost

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LexusES3302005 – 2006
LexusGX4702003 – 2007
Toyota4RUNNER2003 – 2009
ToyotaFJ CRUISER2007 – 2011
ToyotaLAND CRUISER2003 – 2007