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The door lock actuator is an electric component installed in the door close to the lock mechanism.
It allows you to lock and unlock your door.
The types of car door locks include remote keyless system, manual lock cylinder and child safety lock.
Compare 2-wire door lock actuator with 5-wire door lock actuator, consider compatibility, and purchase OEM parts from trustworthy brands to find the door lock actuator suitable for your ride experience.
The price of the door lock actuator ranges from $423 to $753. It was not until the 1960s that manufacturers began to strengthen door design to consider road safety. The earliest doors were made to cover the openings of cars. Modern car doors have electric ......Lean more about

OEM:72155S84A11 – Product Name:Door Lock Actuator – for Acura – Replacement cost

OEM more : 72155S5AA01 , 72155S84A11 ,


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AcuraMDX2001 – 2006
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