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Breaking Down the Different Type of Auto Parts
Replacement auto parts are categorized by the company that built them or how and when you buy them. Let’s describe and compare the parts.


Genuine. A genuine part is an auto component that was installed in your vehicle when the vehicle was first manufactured. Genuine parts are more expensive than any other types of auto parts because they carry the company logo. Keep in mind, that genuine parts are not necessarily better than OEM or aftermarket parts. We can give you recommendations on which parts to buy based on the quality and performance of the parts and not who made it.


OEM. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are built by the company that initially made the parts for the auto manufacturer. The OEM parts we carry are precisely the same as the part that came with your car. The difference is that it doesn’t carry the manufacturer’s logo. OEM parts are just as reliable as genuine parts, but you get them for a better value.